What you should know about electric shock training

Electric shock training is a process of exploring fear, excitement, and even pain, which can bring more fun to training, but it also has dangers, and safety should always come first!

Have you ever actually been activated, as if something flipped a switch in your body and sexual energy flowed through your body? Would you like to be able to do this anytime? Electric shock can make people excited and frightened. Many people will fall in love with the feeling of electric shock after the first try. The unique electric pulse makes the nerve endings concentrate and feel the stimulation. The body is completely dominated by its invisible power. This painful and exhilarating pleasure is an undeniable temptation for a submissive person. Electric shock has certain potential risks. Today I will talk to you about how to conduct safe electric shock training.

Leaving aside the complicated technical jargon and details of professionals, the general principles of all tuning involving electricity are fairly simple. Each device has two electrodes that connect to the positive and negative poles of a power source: when you place them on a common conductive surface, the current flows between them in a roughly linear direction, the skin absorbs a certain amount of electricity, and affected by it.

Shock toys are often applied on the skin, but that's not quite the same thing. The thickness of the epidermis actually varies in different body parts, and several properties affect its electrical conductivity; such as the moisture and salinity of sweat, the presence of hairs that impede constant contact, or partially sequester its natural oils. This means that the same electrical pulse can have completely different effects depending on the area it targets, so that it may not be felt at one point but not at another. Understanding which are the most sensitive areas is intuitive:

  1. Thick and dry skin is sensitive.
  2. Thin, dry skin, such as the inner thighs, is more sensitive.
  3. More than 10% of wet or sweaty skin is sensitive.
  4. The outer mucous membranes (such as the glans) are more sensitive.
  5. Inner mucous membranes (eg, inside the genitals) are extremely sensitive.

The anti-current capacity of skin damage (cuts, abrasions, etc.) is about 90 times lower than that of healthy tissue, and electric shock is contraindicated.

Another key factor is that the larger the skin area involved, the more the pulses will be spread out and therefore less impactful. In other words, compliance is more bearable (and less dangerous) if you use larger contact points to evenly apply the shocker to the skin. Just like any other training, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the electric shock training, the leader needs to fully study the operation and contraindications of the electric shock device. Before starting tuning, be sure to know the answers to all the questions:

1. Safe words
Although this type of training does not seem to necessarily require the safe word. But we never know when it might be needed, make sure both master and slave have agreed on a verbal and non-verbal safe word just in case.

2. Are the first aid supplies ready?
Although a shocker suitable for human use is unlikely to lead to any situation that requires first aid supplies, a responsible leader will have first aid supplies in their toolbox. The usual: safety scissors, disinfection kits, antibiotic ointment, cotton swabs, bandages, etc. . Injuries from electric shock are most likely burns. Make sure you also read about the proper treatment of burns.

3. Are you familiar with your equipment?
If you are about to use a new piece of equipment, or are not very familiar with its operation, you should take your time and start in the lowest gear to avoid injury or excessive irritation. Keep this in mind when training a submissive who is new to electric shocks, don't scare them at first, gentle teasing can be part of training too.

4. Is your obedience healthy?
Here's what you really need to know! Even though shockers for human use are safe, shock training with someone with a pacemaker or chronic heart problems can be fatal, and shockers should not be applied to the head or chest, attaching one to each RU head Electrodes, which cause the electrical impulses to interfere with the heart's rhythm, if you're interested in head stimulation, stick one electrode to your head and another electrode somewhere on your lower body. Before electric shock training, even if you don’t need all the medical records of Submissive, you should ask whether you have undergone major surgery or what medical problems you have in your body, so as to understand Submissive’s physical condition, so as to ensure that the electric shock training can be performed safely.

5. Does your submissive wear any jewelry or electronic devices?
Mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, etc. All of these are destroyed by electricity. Some jewelry conducts electricity, make sure your obedience removes all jewelry and electronics before approaching them with a taser.

6. Does your submissive have a piercing?
Anything with metal, including zippers or buttons, will conduct electricity, and the metal ring on the piercing can also conduct electricity. Before the training, I asked Shun to remove the metal ring. I remember that when Ruoya first wore the ring, an S in the group told me, The ring can conduct electricity, and you can use an electric shock device on the ring in the future. Ruoya is actually very afraid of electric shock devices, but she has bought many. alright.

7. Do I need to shave before the shock?
The electrodes are super sticky, stick directly to the skin and won't move unless you move them. Which begs the question: To shave or not to shave? Ideally, electrodes need as much skin as possible to transmit electrical energy. So, if you want to stick them on the Y part, but there is a lot of hair there, it should be shaved, otherwise it will be difficult to conduct electricity properly. However, if there are only a small number of short and fine hairs in the place where the electric shock is performed, shaving may not be performed.

8. Electric shocks can be given on the female vulva
For those interested in shocking the vulva, electrode pads can be placed on either side of the vaginal opening, as well as at the clitoral level. Due to the sensitivity of the clitoris, even on low settings, there is intense stimulation. If compliance is particularly sensitive, it's best to start with the lowest setting and slowly increase the intensity.

9. Electric shocks can be administered to the male penis
The electrodes can be placed anywhere on the penis, the frenulum, like the clitoris, this area is very sensitive, some people will prefer to stick the electrodes on their scrotum, there is one place that offers a different world of pleasure: the prostate , There are some tools on the market that are designed to stimulate the prostate, and you can find products that shock the prostate. Ruoya doesn't know what it feels like, it should be pretty good.

10. There is an inside as well as the outside
Electrode patches are for external use on the body only, do not attempt to place them inside the body in any way. Now the electric shock devices sold on a certain treasure have stainless steel products that can be placed inside the human body for use. There are special tools for the genitals, chrysanthemums, and even the urethra, providing a truly unique electric shock experience. We usually associate the electrical process through the body with involuntary spasms, a low intensity, safe electrical current hooked up to a stainless steel toy that causes spasms, tingling sensations in the clitoris or anus, potentially leading to an orgasm!

Before using any tool that enters the body, it should be strictly disinfected to avoid bringing bacteria into the body and causing disease.

You've done your research enough, now it's time to get in on the shocking fun. Guide obedience step by step, and feel the beauty of conquest and control together.

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